Travis is Emma's foster-brother and Clarice's son. In the Pilot, Travis sets Emma up with his mother, making it look like
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Emma stole her money.

He has tried to contact Emma after her escape, leading to Kristin discovering her real phone under her pillow. Emma (as Sutton) dismissed it. Travis is considered a rival of Emma, framing her for stealing the money as seen above.

In "Escape from Sutton Island," he comes into Sutton's room, and asks Emma about her twin. How he knows about Sutton is a still mystery, but he asks a surprised Emma "Did you kill her?"

In "Never Have I Ever," he tells Emma to meet him in a deserted car park and Travis tells her he wants a piece of the action. He wants to steal a few things from the Mercers. Emma gives him some fake jewels and tells him to sell them back home. Later in the episode she hears noises in the house and finds Travis in her bedroom. The pawn shop in town told him the jewelry was worthless. Travis wants the real stuff and tries to rape Emma. Ethan comes to the rescue again, knocking Travis out.

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