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{{Infobox_Character |

name = Ted Mercer

|Gender = Male |Marital Status = Married

|Age = 55

|Family = Gloria (Mother)
Kristen Mercer (Wife)
Becky Mercer (Daughter)
Laurel Mercer (Daughter)
Emma Paxton (granddaughter)
Sutton Mercer (granddaughter) Unnamed Granddaughter |Friends = Mr. Chamberlain

|Pet(s) = Great Drake Dane

|Romances = Kristen

|Secret(s) = Becky's his daughter
Sutton's his granddaughter
He's cheating 
Becky Mercer (Daughter)
[[Laurel Merc

|Status = Alive

|Occupation(s) = Doctor}}

Ted Mercer is a doctor and is the father of Becky, and Laurel, and is Sutton and Emma's grandfather. In Hide and Seek we see a flashback from Sutton after Laurel drove away. Sutton, desperate for a way back home, tries to catch the driver in the cars attention. She soon relieves it's her dad. Ted then grabs her wrist and demands to know what Sutton saw. Sutton then runs. Emma also saw Ted and Gloria talking about the women he was seeing.