The Lying Game
Season Two
Number of Episodes 10
Original channel ABC Family
Air date Tues at 9/8 central
Original run January 8th, 2013
Season chronology
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Season Three

Season Two of The Lying Game will premiere on January 8th, 2013 on ABC Family and is based on the books by Sara Shepard. The second season was picked up in April 2012. It began shooting in July. The episode count is 10 right now. It'll be airing with it's big brother show Pretty Little Liars again for the winter premiere. Unlike season one, season two airs on Tuesday nights instead of Mondays.

Season Overview

As the twins' saga continues in season two, there are more surprises, secrets and lies. The twins recently revealed birth mother Rebecca (Charisma Carpenter) lures Sutton (Alexandra Chando) into her plans for the Mercer family. Emma (Chando) grows closer to Thayer, while still being drawn to Ethan, who has started to reconnect with Sutton. Kristin feels betrayed after Ted came clean about his long ago affair with Rebecca, but Ted might be hiding even more shocking revelations. And Mads connects with a mysterious new guy in town who brings a whole new level of secrets with him.


Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Guest Characters

  • Adam Brooks as Baz (2/10)
  • Nikki Donely as Jessica Whitman (1/10)
  • Peter Mslof as Mr Beattie
  • Craig Nigh as Officer Harry 
  • Kathryn Smith-McGlynn as Dr. Eileen Sandy 
  • Pan Dougherty as Judge Martha J. Cotte



Image Title Original Airdate Episode
TheRevengers The Revengers January 8th, 2013 02 2.01
Alec is in jail following his arrest for Derek's murder, but he still manages to unnerve Emma, who is desperate for answers. Rebecca and Sutton's mother-daughter bonding consists of formulating their plans for the Mercer family, which contradict Emma and Laurel's plans to reunite Ted and Kristin. Meanwhile, Mads goes looking for trouble, and meets a mysterious new guy in town. [1]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
Cheat-Play-Love(8) Cheat, Play, Love January 15th, 2013 02 2.02
Sutton steps up her plans to win Ethan back and makes a point to let Emma know her intentions. Feeling left out of Emma and Thayer's growing closeness, Mads visits her father in prison and shocks Emma with a family revelation. Dan continues his investigation into Derek's murder, regardless of of Alec's arrest, and Jordan starts at his new high school and tries to get close to Laurel[2]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
129120 9787 pre Advantage Sutton January 22nd, 2013 02 2.03
Rebecca advises Sutton to reclaim her life, leading Sutton to challenge Emma to a tennis match -- winner gets to live as Sutton Mercer. Ethan is in danger of failing school, so Emma offers to tutor him, breaking her plans with Thayer in the process. Laurel decides to ask Jordan out, but ends up bringing Mads along on their date. And new evidence comes to light that may exonerate Alec, or may further prove his guilt. [3]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
129228 1036 pre A Kiss Before Lying January 29th, 2013 02 2.04
Emma learns more about what happened the night Sutton’s car went into the lake, raising her suspicions about whether her sister has been truthful. Ted invites his family to be his guests at an event in his honor and Rebecca orders Sutton to use the opportunity to further their plans for the Mercer family. Meanwhile, Emma heeds Laurel’s romantic advice and Rebecca and Alec engage in a game of cat and mouse against each other. [4]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
129364 1536 pre Much Ado About Everything Febuary 5th, 2013 02 2.05
Emma and Thayer further their investigation into the twins' birth mother and what Sutton may know about her. Laurel begins to suspect that something is not right with her sister and makes everyone nervous when she starts asking questions. Using ammunition provided by Rebecca, Sutton lashes out at Kristin during what is supposed to be a peaceful Mercer family dinner. [5]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
129456 4584 pre Catch Her in the Lie February 12th, 2013 02 2.06
The Flipside Formal offers Emma the chance to try and trap Rebecca and Sutton in a lie, but she needs Ethan's help to pull it off. Laurel struggles with where her loyalties lie, while Kristin makes a troubling discovery that has more significance than she realizes. Jordan continues to waffle between Laurel and Mads, and Theresa's defense of Alec threatens to drive a wedge between her and Dan. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Ted, and Alec and Kristin, each reminisce about old times. [6]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
129566 7564 pre Regrets Only February 19th, 2013 02 2.07
Emma struggles to make sense of newfound revelations and shifts in her relationships with Ethan and Thayer. After hearing Emma’s suspicions about Rebecca, Sutton’s faith in her mother begins to falter and she decides to take matters into her own hands. Rebecca is thrilled when Kristin and Ted’s marriage continues to unravel, putting her one step closer to achieving her goal. Meanwhile, Alec realizes that Jordan could be a strong ally in his private war with his wife. [7]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
129732 8048 pre Bride and Go Seek February 26th, 2013 02 2.08
Everyone gathers to celebrate Dan and Theresa’s wedding but the celebrations do not go off as planned. Ethan figures out who Emma is protecting and confronts her about shutting him out. Sutton’s sudden change of heart confuses Emma, who isn’t sure she trusts her sister. Ted’s behavior grows more erratic as his family continues to fall apart. Meanwhile, in the game between Alec and Rebecca, Jordan decides whose side he’s on. [8]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
129855 1301 pre1 The Grave Truth March 5th, 2013 02 2.09
Ethan's confession to Dan threatens to shatter the brothers' relationship forever. Sutton receives a mysterious phone call that may provide some valuable information. Emma's feelings for Thayer are tested when she finds herself in close quarters with Ethan. And someone else comes face to face with Emma and Sutton. [9]
Image Title Original Airdate Episode
130002 2094 pre To Lie For March 12th, 2013 02 2.10
The charity gala will take a somber turn as everyone honors the memory of a loved one. Meanwhile, Dan is set to issue Ethan with an ultimatum that has heartbreaking consequences.

While Emma finally confronts Rebecca about her lost childhood, Ted tries to find the right way to tell Kristin about another secret from his past. [10]


The Lying Game Season 2 Promo-Trailer (HQ)

The Lying Game Season 2 Promo-Trailer (HQ)


  • Charles Pratt the producer hints that Rebecca and Alec may not be the main antagonists this season.
  • A death of a core character in this season. [11]
  • Ethan and Jordan may start a new freindship [12]
  • Jordan will also get close with Laurel and Mads
  • The love square between Emma, Sutton, Ethan, and Thayer will come to a head.
  • Rebecca's motives will be explained.
  • This season will have another wedding [13]
  • Sutton's bad ways start to rub off on Emma, Emma's goodness will start to rub of Sutton too. [14]
  • Sutton will see Rebecca isn't at all how she hoped she would be.
  • Ethan and Thayer will but heads this season.
  • There are several unanswered question form season one.
    • Who is the twins birthfather? Is it Ted?
    • Did Alec really kill Derek? If not then who?
    • Who called Alec and told him where Ethan and Sutton were?
    • Will Emma and Ethan get back together? Or will she be with Thayer?
    • Where's Ethan's mom? Along with Mads and Thayer's mom too?
    • How long have Rebecca and Sutton known about eachother and what are they planning?
  • It's unknown if the series will get a full season two or get cancelled.