The Lying Game
Season One
Number of Episodes 20
Original channel ABC Family
Air date Mon 8/7 (First half), Mon 9/8 (Second half)
Original run August 15, 2011- March 5, 2012
Season chronology
Season Two

Season one of The Lying Game premiered on August 15, 2011 on ABC Family and is based on the books by Sara Shepard.

Season Overview

The show follows Emma, a kind-hearted foster kid who learns she has an identical twin sister, Sutton. Sutton, unlike Emma, was adopted by wealthy parents and is seemingly living an ideal life. After their initial meeting, Sutton talks Emma into stepping into her life for a few days while she pursues a lead on the mysterious identity of their birth mother. After Sutton inexplicably fails to return to the girls’ designated meeting place, Emma must decide whether to come clean about her identity and risk her own safety in the hope of uncovering her twin sister's whereabouts, along with the truth about why they were separated in the first place. Throughout the first half of the season both Sutton and Emma uncover things about their birth mother like her name, Annie Hobbs, her whereabouts, which is in a mental institution. She originally came back for Emma but not Sutton. But throughout everything the lies eventually turned Sutton and Emma against each other. Sutton comes back to Pheonix to claim her life back and expose Emma as a imposter. On her way to her birthday party someone pops up in her back seat causing her car to crash into the lake leaving Sutton drowning in the car while Emma and Ethan come to realize that the true Annie has returned, who turns out to be Rebecca Sewell, Char's aunt. Thayer came for assistance and began to side with Emma after Sutton's attempts to make twin sister's life miserable. Emma also came clean with Mads who became furious with Sutton's lies. Emma's future now is unknown, as the twins, along with some of their closest friends, attempt to sort through the secrets of the people around them. By the end of the season, Alec is arrested for the murder of Derek Rogers, and Sutton and Emma are Rebecca's twin daughters. Also Ted is most likely Sutton and Emma's biological father because he had an affair with Rebecca who is their biological mother. And Sutton knew about Rebecca being her and Emma's birth mother possibly the whole time.


Main Characters

Recurring Characters

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Image Title Original Airdate Episode
122812 1388 pre-1- Pilot August 15, 2011 01 1.01
With Sutton searching for their birth mother, Emma takes the role of her twin sister for cover.
Afe9d274c8d3a7a352de74f2f742667b Being Sutton August 22, 2011 02 1.02
With no word from Sutton, Emma must put aside her ill feelings and continue with her newfound life.
Double Dibs Double Dibs August 29, 2011 03 1.03
As relationships in Arizona heat up, Sutton comes to learn some dark realities about her birth mother and Emma .
912a0ea28b258b6ff8d820f1e0ba6b22 Twinsense and Sensibility September 5, 2011 04 1.04
As the search for their birth mother intensifies, Sutton and Emma discover commonalities between their dreams and encounters throughout their childhood.
008 5951-300x199 Over Exposed September 12, 2011 05 1.05
As Homecoming approaches, Emma realizes she is no longer just living Sutton 's life, but living the one she always dreamed of.
0003 595 Bad Boys Break Hearts September 19, 2011 06 1.06
As the backlash of Emma and Ethan 's homecoming performance begins, Sutton may have found where Annie Hobbes has been held for years.
0001 595 Escape from Sutton Island September 26, 2011 07 1.07
As the situation in Phoenix starts to fall apart for Emma, Sutton comes face to face with Annie Hobbes.
004 595 Never Have I Ever October 3, 2011 08 1.08
Emma gets a surprise visit from Travis, while Sutton is thrown into living Emma's life.
003 595 Sex, Lies, and Hard Knocks High October 10, 2011 09 1.09
Emma searches to finally get some answers, while Sutton tries to pull off her best Emma imitation.
178a9f73e74d6c5dbe333e49bcb16ddb-300x225 East Of Emma October 17, 2011 10 1.10
On their seventeenth birthday, Emma's ideal life is about to come to an end when a vengeful Sutton makes her way back to Phoenix to get her life back.
111122the-lying-game-embed1-300x210 O Twin, Where Art Thou? January 2, 2012 11 1.11
It's been a tough night for Emma and Ethan, and things are about to get tougher when they find Sutton has disappeared.
1x12d When We Dead Awaken January 9, 2012 12 1.12
As an anonymous threat hangs over her head, Emma takes an opportunity to leave town and visit her dad's alma mater.
B5f23bcb015a0b860231c22f3cf74493 Pleased to Meet Me January 16, 2012 13 1.13
An unexpected encounter switches the course of Emma 's life in Phoenix.
2d36219a359cac0a192852689d4c5338 Black and White and Green All Over January 23, 2012 14 1.14
Secrets, lies and jealousies threaten to topple relationships.
8a14400104cfae144fde053876ddc7ed Dead Man Talking January 30, 2012 15 1.15
Ethan finds himself in serious trouble after an unexpected encounter.
1269520408pre6-3836856053245138571 Reservation for Two February 6, 2012 16 1.16
Old wounds are reopened when Ethan returns to his family home as he hides from the police.
05e1303d69718075be8a9d1cbd5505aa No Country for Young Love February 13, 2012 17 1.17
Emma takes matters into her own hands.
Thelyinggames18 Not Guilty As Charged February 20, 2012 18 1.18
Arrested on murder charges, Ethan sits in jail as his friends frantically search to prove his innocence.
1272544290pre4--1423636381360484126 Weekend of Living Dangerously February 27, 2012 19 1.19
As the secrets grow larger, so do the doubts and suspicions.
6b863da2e6b2535704069e99c51cf8d1 Unholy Matrimony March 5, 2012 20 1.20
As the happy couple prepares to wed, secrets are revealed and lives forever changed.