Phyllis Sewell-Chamberlin
2011-10-12 1751
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Charlotte Chamberlin's Father (husband)
Charlotte Chamberlin (daughter)
Rebecca Sewell (sister)

Emma Becker (niece)
Sutton Mercer (niece)

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First appearance:

Being Sutton

Last appearance:

O Twin, Where Art Thou?

Portrayed By:

Sydney Barrosse

Phyllis Chamberlin (née Sewell) is the wife of an unnamed man, the mother of Charlotte Chamberlin, the sister of Rebecca Sewell, and the aunt of Emma Becker, and Sutton Mercer.

Phyllis is a member of the Sewell Family and the Chamberlin Family.

Season One

Phyllis is a married-but-separated wealthy woman living in a mansion with her daughter, Char. Phyllis is very demanding, drinks a lot and though she is very involved, takes a backseat during social functions. She has a younger sister Annie Rebecca Sewell, but they have not spoken for years, even mentioning the name Annie upsets her. She still has photos of he in the house though. When Emma asks about Annie, Phyllis is furious, but mentions her sister moved to L.A. after Ted and Alec broke her heart. 

When Annie calls Char shortly after Emma's questioning, Phyllis is hysterical and doesn't let her daughter talk. 

When Rebecca returns to town in time for Sutton's 17th birthday party, Phyllis is outraged and leaves the party drunk and ends up getting a DUI. Knowing her history of simply checking herself out of rehab after a day or two, together, Rebecca and Alec have her committed to rehab on a mandatory sentence.

After recieving a DUI Rebecca, her younger sister, signed her up for a rehab. While her daughter Charlotte (Char) was sent to her fathers house away from Arroyo and away from her friends.


According to Kristin, Phyllis has been a pain since high school, she is also arrogant, rude, and disrespectful, she expects perfection from her daughter, Charlotte, she does not like to be criticized, even when she is wrong,

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