Laurel Mercer (Book Character)
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Kristen Mercer (Mother),
Ted Mercer (Father),
Becky Mercer (Older Sister)
Sutton Mercer (Niece)
Emma Paxton (Niece)
Unnamed Niece


Charlotte Chamberlain,
Madeline Vega,
unkown others


Great Dane, Drake
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Hollier High


Lying Games
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Took Thayer to the hospital the night Sutton was murdered.


This article centers around Laurel Mercer Book Character. You may be looking for Laurel Mercer .

Laurel Mercer has a strained relationship with her sister, Sutton Mercer, who she constantly competes with in everything. Prior to the books series, Laurel was not a part of The Lying Game, a game of pranks Sutton and her friends play on people but was eventually allowed in. Also, Laurel was apparently best friends with the mysterious Thayer Vega, who disappeared prior to the the events in the books. According to Emma, Laurel had a crush on Thayer, but Thayer was interested in Sutton.


Laurel Mercer is considered loyal, and has a very competitive relationship with her sister, Sutton Mercer.

Physical Appearance

She has long dirty blond hair and blue eyes. It was said that she has a lightly freckled nose and tan skin. She has a compact figure (from tennis) and is taller than Sutton with a peachy complexion

The Lying Game

Laurel has a strained relationship with her sister, out of competitiveness. Laurel always tries, but Sutton always wins.

Laurel Mercer is the biological daughter of the parents. She is also a year younger than Sutton. Unlike the TV series, Laurel is a part of the girls club; The Lying Game. In the past, as seen in Sutton's flashbacks when she was alive, she and her sister were very close. They would always play games, spy on their parents, and even play parts in their favorite play, Les Miserables.

When Emma first arrives to Tuscon, she learns that Sutton had done something to Laurel in the past that made their friendship strain. In the first book, we realize that she had a crush on the mysterious Thayer Vega, Madeline's brother, A.K.A, the boy who ran away and was in love with Sutton. She and Thayer were best friends, hanging out together, playing thumb wars, as talked about in either book The Lying Game or Never Have I Ever. In one of Sutton's flashbacks, she has seen that she was nasty to Laurel, she even threw her necklace into the woods.

Even though it is mentioned that she hangs out with Sutton's clique of girls, she is the closest with Gabi and Lili.

Hide and Seek

We learn that on August 31st, Laurel texted Sutton, "Next time I see you, you're dead." As it turns out, Laurel stayed at the hospital, was sedated, and stayed overnight, Laurel didn't kill Sutton, but it's revealed that she's Emma and Sutton's aunt and is Becky's younger sister. Laurel also tries to date Thayer, but he's still into Sutton, who is really Emma.