Justin Miller
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Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed father (deceased)


Laurel Mercer (Ex-Girlfriend)


Ted Mercer
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Arroyo High
Series Information


Lived in abandoned house (Exposed)
Secretly dated Laurel Mercer
Ted Mercer killed his mom, and came to hurt him through Laurel



First appearance:

Double Dibs

Last appearance:

No Country for Young Love

Portrayed By:

Randy Wayne

Justin Miller was the 'new guy' in town, moving to Scottsdale during the beginning of junior year.

Season One

He first met Laurel in the park where she was practicing the violin. But as soon as Char catches sight of him, she has her eye on the prize- which is Justin. But Justin only has eyes for Laurel, and they hit it off right away and soon begin dating (with help from Emma, as Sutton). In Over Exposed, Justin wins Homecoming King, with Laurel's help as his campaign manager. However, Justin has a secret- he's a runaway orphan. His parents died, and he ended up in the foster care system with a nice family, but thy already had three kids to look over so he left for Phoenix. He's been living in a foreclosed house since arriving in Scottsdale. Laurel keeps his secret until one night, Justin and Laurel decide to take their relationship to the next level and are caught together by Ted and Kristin. Once Laurel was able to work things out for their relationship, Ted gets Justin his own place. Justin and Ted were bonding until Ted goes for a box to help unpack, but Justin freaks out over it.

When Laurel slept over at Justin's new place, she also was curious to see what he was hiding in the box but was caught by Justin. It's revealed the box holds a "special bracelet," that belonged to his mother before she passed away, and he wanted to give it to Laurel as a suprise. There's something about the bracelet that Ted seems to know about because when he first saw it on Laurel, he was very shocked and suspicious over it. There's something else in the box too; it's a torn out photograph of the entire Mercer family.

In Pleased to Meet Me, Justin finally comes clean about why he is in town. He believes Ted killed his mom. When Justin was just a kid, his mom needed a routine operation, and Ted was the surgeon, but Ted screwed up. He got a call during the operation and was a mess after it, even leaving the operating room and letting an intern finish up. After the operation, Justin’s mom stopped breathing, and no one could find Ted as he’d already left the hospital. Supposedly, an artery was knicked, but Justin asks why the hospital was so quick to settle out of court. In the end, it is revealed that Justin’s parents didn't die in a car accident. He came to Phoenix to get revenge on Ted Mercer.


  • Originally from Portland, Oregon.
  • First job was at Abercrombie.
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