This Page is about who the admins are and links to contact them, just in case of a serious incident or you would like a question answered.


Administration Jobs

If your an administrator, you are required to fill such acts for the good of the wiki and if in case of a troll, hacker or a user who is editing wildly without taking any care in there actions.


  • Cleaning of the wiki
  • Writing messages on the community sector
  • Updating pages
  • Blocking those who don't apply with the wiki's rules and conditions
  • Protect pages that are edited a lot
  • making new admins if there is a need to

Apply to be an admin

If you want to be an admin please refer to (The Lying Games Wiki Admin Request) page due to, admins will have to contact you through that page, if you recieve an ok to be admin, you will recieve a message from the admin that made you one and if you don't get the ok then you are on the waiting list.